About Mars


Job:Doin Your Mom Doin Doin Your Mom

Anyway, I have various interests, and by various I mean very few.
I have very few interests because I am the biggest square in existence.

Joking aside, I do actually like things:

Cooking - food is fun and tasty I guess.

Gaming - But not like, actual gaming.
I'm really bad at viddy games but I still like playing them.
I actually orderd a Retro Pocket 2 in September and have been
loving it. It came in on Halloween
and I'm almost done playing through Kirby Super Star.
I have no plans to 100% the game though.

Photography - Idk i just point and shoot at things. I did go to film school at one point,
but I ended up deciding to go into Marketing
instead. Specifically graphic design and video prodection.
Actually, you can look at my photography here.

Filmmaking and Editing - It's funny, because that's actually my job right now.
I work for a power company, and they needed someone who knows hot to make videos,
and lo and behold, I was there. :)
Actually, if you want to see my overly deep found footage film footage from film school, you can find it here
or watch it right here. It's up to you.