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A Rainbow Line

About My Photography Zines

A Rainbow Line

My name is Mars, if that wasn't obvious. Im just here trying to exist and have fun and play with old gifs.
I'm not sure I'll use this website for much, but I hope I can turn it into something.

A Rainbow Line

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A Rainbow Line

Update: 1/25/2021

I've got different ideas than I used to, and after poking around, figured out that some ideas are more effort than they're worth.
That said, there are no plans for a mobile friendly Mars site. Its way too complicated, and I'd have to redo most of the site.

No thank you.

• Making a consistent header across the whole site
• Organizing the photography page
• Formatting the Zines in a way that makes more sense. This includes the main zines page as I add more zines, and figuring out how to make a carousel to make the zines themselves easier to read
• Add a changelog page
• Add a news page? I like the idea of me writing music reviews and other such things.

A Rainbow Line